Araújo e Policastro Advogados is located in the city of São Paulo, Latin America’s main commercial and industrial hub. Founded in 1962, Araújo e Policastro Advogados has built its reputation as one of Brazil’s most renowned law firms. It has recognized experience in several branches of the law, and its business and international practices stand out.

Araújo e Policastro Advogados has extensive experience in corporate and litigation practice areas, over the decades 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s, which allowed it to become one of the most renowned international law firms. Over the years, Araújo e Policastro Advogados has expanded its practice areas to include telecommunications, energy, oil and gas, banking, finance, securities, privatizations, intellectual property, environmental and competition law.

Araújo e Policastro Advogados’s lawyers have received the best education in the most renowned universities in Brazil, the US and Europe, and many of them have work experience in law firms outside Brazil. Our lawyers follow international professional standards, and therefore are able to meet our clients’ needs in a fast and efficient manner, assisting them and offering accurate and comprehensive responses to their consultations.

Faithful to its commitment to provide customized and high-quality services to its clients, Araújo e Policastro Advogados has expanded its activities while it has continued to cherish its core values. The close attention given by the firm’s partners to the practice of law and their direct involvement in it has been one of our distinguishing features mostly appreciated by clients. Araújo e Policastro Advogados’s carefully planned growth and the quality of the services provided to its clients have helped our law firm to build a solid reputation which it now enjoys in the business and in the legal community, both in Brazil and abroad.