Differences do not create barriers. They create opportunities.

Inclusion ad diversity have always been present in the day-to-day life of our firm. By acting in an ethical and responsible manner, we are continuously committed to making everyone feel respected and comfortable.

Our work environment is formed by a high-performance team – people of different backgrounds and perspectives of life.

Fundamental for our success, diversity is a drive power for a unite and inclusive environment: it makes us better, attracts and retains the best talents and stimulates innovation and creativity, giving us a wealth of different views and experiences.

More than to lay the foundation, our Diversity Program seeks to make visible a long-time ideal: the promotion of just equity and commitment from everyone in the organization.

The Diversity Program reflects our concern to create opportunities, regardless of gender, race, religion, beliefs, ethnicity, social background, disabilities, age, sexual orientation or any other differences, to allow the development of everyone’s potential.


Women’s role and space

The role of women has always been highlighted in our trajectory, having a significant (when not preponderant) participation in our office, in the most different fronts. An example of this is the fact, today, more than 60% of our members are women, who occupy positions of leadership and are responsible also for the legal and administrative management of the firm.