Araújo e Policastro announces the admission of new partners to the Banking and Tax areas


Celso Contin e Pedro Casquet - Araújo e Policastro anuncia a admissão de novos sócios para a área Bancária e Tributária

Araújo e Policastro Advogados announces the admission of two new Partners – the lawyers Celso Contin and Pedro Casquet for the Banking & Capital Markets and Tax areas, respectively.

For Theodoro Araújo, co-founder of the firm, “the arrival of Contin and Casquet, talented lawyers with substantial experience and solid professional careers, reflects our commitment to rely on high performance teams and will certainly enrich the services provided to our clients.

For the Partner of Araújo e Policastro Advogados, Camila Araújo, “the arrival of new partners is in full harmony with the main guidelines for the firm’s growth – vision for the future, innovation and search for the best talents”.

Celso Contin has extensive experience in Banking, Finance, Real Estate and M&A transactions, representing for many years some of the largest international banks and corporations in complex financing transactions involving either parties or assets in Brazil.
According to Contin, “being part of the law firm is a real honor and a great challenge. The goal is to expand customer service excellence, aligned with the undisputable technical refinement of the firm.”

Pedro Casquet has notable experience in the Tax, Litigation and Corporate segments, both in consulting and litigation on behalf of domestic and foreign companies – acquired during more than fifteen years of experience.

For Casquet, “with the structure and tradition of the firm, we will be able to intensify and expand our operations in an increasingly demanding and dynamic market, through personalized services and creative solutions to our clients.”

Araújo e Policastro will complete, in 2018, 55 years of foundation. “We’re proud of our achievements and the way paved. But our role is to look ahead, building new bridges for the future”. – says Camila Araújo, one of the partners at the firm responsible for the management.