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  • 09.Mar.17

    Annual Quotaholders’ Meetings or assemblies of limited liability companies The quotaholders of limited liability companies shall hold the annual quotaholders’ assemblies, according to article 1,078 of Law No. 10,406/2002 (Brazilian Civil Code)

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  • 27.Mar.14

    Code of Ethics and Professional Medical Procedure and its Application – 2nd Edition The book was written by Décio Policastro, partner of Araújo e Policastro Advogados.

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  • 11.Jun.13

    It was launched the 4th edition of the book “Medical error and its legal consequences” The 4th edition of the book "Medical error and its legal consequences" was written by Partner Décio Policastro.

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  • 10.Jun.13

    Medical error and its legal consequences – 4th edition The updated edition concerns doctors, medical students, healthcare professionals, clinics, public and private hospitals, health insurances, laboratories, pharmacies, and, especially, patients victimized by medical error.

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