• 17.Apr.19

    Annual Quotaholders’ Meetings or assemblies of limited liability companies (sociedades limitadas) Quotaholders of limited liability companies shall hold the annual quotaholders’ meetings or assemblies, according to article 1,078 of the Brazilian Civil Code (Law 10,406/2002).

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  • 15.Apr.19

    New Round of Airport Concessions in Brazil Public Call for Studies regarding the new round of airports concession, that includes 3 blocks (South, North and Central Region) with 22 airports was published. Those interested in the development of studies shall submit a request until April, 17.

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  • 02.Apr.19

    An Analysis of Possible Alternatives in Relation to Ford Factory Closing at São Bernardo do Campo/SP The labor team of Araújo and Policastro analyzed the possible alternatives to mitigate the effects of the recent announcement of shutting down of the Ford premises in São Bernardo do Campo. Click the link below to find out more.

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  • 25.Mar.19

    Brumadinho: An Analysis Of Potential Indemnities Under The Labor Perspective The rupture of the Córrego do Feijão Mine’s dam, in Brumadinho, brought to light several legal discussions, among them, the matter related to labor compensations due to the families of the victims and the surviving employees. In this article, we address potential indemnities in the light of the current labor legislation recently amended by the Reform

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