• 22.Aug.18

    Alternative Forms of Settlement of Labor Disputes (or Non-Judicialization of Conflicts) Upon the enactment of Law No. 13.467 / 2017 ("Labor Reform"), two new institutes were created: the Annual Discharge Term and the Ratification of the Out-of-Court Agreement.

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  • 02.Jul.18

    Brazilian Supreme Court maintains the end of compulsory employees’ union contributions In a decision rendered on June 29, the Federal Supreme Court endorsed the end of the compulsory character of the union contributions, in the exact terms established by the Labor Reform.

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  • 11.Jun.18

    Legal insecurity in the application of Brazilian Labor Reform Since the beginning of the Labor Reform (Law no. 13467/17), there has been a great deal of instability and legal uncertainty regarding its practical application in Brazilian life. The Provisional Measure no. 808/2017 (“MPV 808/17”), published on November 14th, 2017, brought several important changes and additions, but lost its validity on April 23rd, 2018, remaining...

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  • 10.May.18

    End of the term of effectiveness of the Provisional Measure 808/17 Provisional Measure 808/2017 was issued to clarify/regulate several points of Law 13467 / 2017, which governs the Labor Reform.

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